CS:GO Combat Surf

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Player Rules
Admin Rules
Surf Commands

Player Rules

Rules the Players must follow
  • Mic spamming is allowed unless told to stop by any individual.
  • Chat spamming is not allowed.
  • Map exploiting of any sort is not allowed, after 2 warning will result in a temp ban.
  • Cursing is allowed unless taken to a offensive/aggressive extent.
  • Ghosting is not allowed at all
  • Do not spawn camp or teleport camp (this involves killing newly spawned clients)
  • Do not spam kill buttons in all maps with jails.
  • Advertising or recruiting a group, channel, site, clan, etc will not be allowed.
  • Placing any url of a website, group, channel, site, clan, etc in your name will not be allowed. This applys even if theres not a TLD (Top Level Domain) in the link.
  • Threats to hack or ddos an individual or the server will result in a perm ban.
  • Do not ghost as a dead player.
  • Don't pick the same game on a map more then 5 times in a row.
  • Delaying rounds is not tolerated.
  • Timer exploit is not allowed and will result in a perm ban
  • Disrespecting admins is not tolerated one bit.
  • [There's 3 warnings for the rules above as long as the rule does not provide a instant perm ban]

Admin Rules

Rules the Admins/Donators must follow
  • Apply the rules above to all players including admins.
  • Be sure to provide the 3 step warning or perm ban depending on the rule/situation.
  • Do not abuse your commands in any way that is used to cheat or take advantage of for fun or your pleasure.
  • Do not help others and provide noclip, godmode, etc to others for the fun of it.
  • Warn a player before you provide a punishment.
  • Course maps are an exception to use teleport/respawn for you or others, be moderate with it.
  • Kicking/Banning players for small insignificant reasons without warnings is not allowed.
  • If an admin is disobeying the player/admin rules, report this to the forums, don't take action apon yourself.
  • Every ban must have a legitimate reason on sourcebans. No bull shit
  • Do not perm gag, mute, or ban players on first warnings, that's a dick move.

Surf Commands

Useful commands used by anyone
  • !rules - to see our server rules
  • !coinflip - to coinflip with someone to win their credits!
  • !settings - check your settings preferrence
  • !mapmusic - turns off annoying map music
  • !store - purchase skins, tracers, chat customization features, pets, hats, etc.
  • !credits - shows how many credits you have
  • !gift - to gift someone your credits
  • !donate - redirect to donate for credits, vip, or gold donator.
  • !admins - see all the active admins online
  • !marry - to marry someone you know
  • !couples - to see the active couples in the server
  • !rank - to see your rank
  • !rs - to reset your score
  • !sc - to listen to music provided by soundcloud ingame