CS:GO Jailbreak

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JB Basics
CT Rules
T Rules
Warden Rules
Last Request Rules
Game Rules
Player/Admin Rules
Admin Commands

JB Basics

The common basic terms when playing a jailbreak server.

    Summary of Jailbreak

    Jailbreak is not your average gamemode, this gamemode consist of carefully paying attention to every move a CT or T makes while sustaining every rule given. You have classes such as Prisoners, Guards and the Warden. The warden is who call the shots and can start special events and control the majority of the gameplay every round. Theres always 1 rebel in the Terrorist side willing to take a hit to start a riot. You must protect your warden at all cost and sustain order to the prision.

    Common terms to understand

  • AFK Freeze: You cannot move your head or your body, only talk via chat or mic.
  • Freeze: You cannot move your body but are allowed to move your head and crouch. You're also able to speak via chat/mic.
  • No Detours or Delays: You're not suppose to procrastinate what so ever while warden is giving his rules. Usually its on round start.
  • Last CT: When you see the Last CT message in chat/hud, this means that there is 1 CT left.
  • Special days/events: Special days like for example warday or hungergames day are special events that modify the gameplay for that round. To follow these rules be sure to read the "games" section down below on each event.
  • Freekilling: You are to never freekill any Terrorist as a CT unless its Last CT enabled.
  • Interpreting Orders: All orders given are singular. For example if a warden says to jump, this means jump 1 time. If caught doing anything other then jumping 1 time.. well things can get messy.
  • Mic/Chat Spam: Dont mic/chat spam, this gamemode consist of quick following activity and rules needed to be followed. If you're chat/mic spamming
  • Jailbreak Essential Rules
  • You cannot say "All T's on mic or chat are rebels"

CT Rules

Rules that all CT's must follow
  • CT's may not give false orders or pretend to be the warden
  • CT's may not camp, what so ever.
  • CT's may not camp secrets or vents.
  • CT's may be in secrets for 15 seconds to chase a T.
  • CTs are not allowed to re-enter armory after leaving unless chasing a T
  • CT's may not break vents
  • CT's may not bait. Baiting is knife distance + distance of a body
  • CT's are not allowed to shoot into stacks
  • Cell Doors must remain open at all times once opened.
  • All CTs must actively help the warden and obey the wardens orders at all times
  • CTs are not allowed to gunplant under any circumstance unless the warden allows it for a game
  • Any CT can be swapped by an admin if he/she doesn't have a mic and there are T's with mics who wants to play as CT
  • CT's must remain with the T's and must not be wandering around freely.
  • CT's can shoot any T pointing a gun at any CT.

T Rules

Rules that all T's must follow
  • Any damage given to a CT is considered rebelling, except for CT's that are baiting
  • T's are allowed to holster any secondary weapon or any nade unless the warden tells them to drop it
  • T's may not talk over a warden unless warden allows it
  • Terrorist do not have to remain crouched unless the warden says "remained crouched"
  • T's with any primary weapon must be warned to drop them if the gun is on their back.
  • T's cannot abuse repeat more then 3 times, if you need more then 3 repeats then theres something wrong with you
  • Ts inside of armory are considerd rebels unless the warden ordered them in there
  • T's can stand up and stay still for a minimum of 30 seconds to reply in chat to either the warden or a CT
  • Ts may refuse an opinionated day
  • If an admin respawns a T, the T may not rebel until 1 minute has passed
  • Ts may not camp excessively if it is delaying the round

Warden Rules

Rules that the warden must follow
  • Warden can only give orders through voice
  • You can be any age as a warden
  • Do not become a warden and use your mic if its hard to understand or bad quality
  • Do not take warden if you are going to give freedays, this will result in team swap and even ct ban
  • The warden may not order a Terrorist to kill a CT
  • The warden may not say all T's on the mic are considered rebels
  • Wardens must give clear, straightforward orders, and may not delay the round
  • The warden may not restrict knifing, jumping, climbing or crouching on freeday
  • The warden cannot force any T's or CT's to their death
  • The Warden can give a T another chance or provide the consequence intended or deserved
  • The warden can show no favouritism unless all participating parts gave their consent
  • The warden cannot give the order to crouch walk (holding ctrl and shift at the same time)
  • The warden can only tell the Ts to AFK freeze once per round
  • The wardens orders remain valid 10 seconds after his/her death. After that it becomes a freeday until a new person claims the warden and revokes the freeday
  • When an order is given, no detours or delays and "not including now" is implied at all times
  • Only the warden may revoke a freeday
  • When playing a game (For example first reaction / last reaction) the warden must explain the game if asked to by a T
  • Do not play first reaction / last reaction games till LR. Utilize the map

Last Request Rules

Rules that must be followed when last request occurs
  • Must provide rules when LR occurs
  • T's do not have to accept orders given by CT's or the Warden when given LR
  • Motd is always implied during an LR.
  • Unfair LR's are refusable.

Game Rules

Rules that must be followed when a game or order is in place
    Freeday Rules
  • DESCRIPTION: Freeday is where all cells are opened and the T's can roam around the map and the CT's are to allow it
  • First round/day is always Freeday for every map.
  • Even on freedays, red is dead
  • If the warden is dead it's a freeday unless another person picks up the responsibility as warden
  • You cannot call another event when freeday starts on first round of every map.
  • The warden may not restrict knifing, jumping, climbing or crouching on freeday
  • Warday Rules
  • DESCRIPTION: Warday is where Ct's get teleported to a warday location and T's get teleported to armory and they must battle it out. Warday always expands at 3:30 which allows the CT's to roam free and battle.
  • Warday is not allowed if said after the cells have opened
  • When warday starts all CT's may only kill T's if they are inside the warday area or pointing guns at ct's from outside the warzone
  • Any T is allowed to attack you if you are not in warday in a timely manner
  • All CT's must stay in the warday area location chosen until expansion time
  • All CT's must participate in the Warday. They should attempt to exit the Warday area at expansion time, but may hold position if under attack
  • CT's do not have to leave the warday area if they are under fire
  • Simon Says
  • DESCRIPTION: Simon says is a game where only orders given by saying "Simon says ____" are valid. Example: Simon says all T's jump and remain jumping
  • To start the simon says game the warden must give the order "Simon says i am simon, simon says we are playing says" or "Simon says we are playing simon says, simon says i am simon". The order can be given in any order, but must be given consecutively.
  • Panda Freedays
  • DESCRIPTION: This is where all T's can roam around freely but need to crouch at all times and are allowed to climb ladders and crouch jump. Better yet, you can knife a CT with a right click only and not be killed for it!
  • You cannot damage a T for standing up/still when the T needs to type in chat or voice.
  • T's cannot left click in this gamemode
  • Zombie Freedays
  • DESCRIPTION: This is where all T's can roam around freely but need to shift walk at all times and are allowed to climb ladders and crouch jump. Better yet, you can knife a CT with a left click only and not be killed for it!
  • You cannot damage a T for standing up/still when the T needs to type in chat or voice.
  • T's cannot right click in this gamemode
  • Trivia Days
  • DESCRIPTION: This is when the warden will ask questions and expect answers. Prizes vary from getting to live, die, and choosing a fellow prisoner to die.
  • Do not give the Terrorist a inappropriate time to answer the question that makes it unfair to answer
  • Hide & Seek Days
  • DESCRIPTION: This is when the map becomes dark and the T's have time to run and hide, if the CT's cant find the T's within a certain time then the T's get weapons and can slaughter the CT's.
  • Game Misc
  • T's can refuse games such as trivia questions, first reacon last reaction and jokedays
  • Games are not to be played inside of cells at any point.
  • Games that arent a part of the !wmenu system are to be created to give all prisoners a chance to fairly participate.
  • Games that arent a part of the !wmenu system must be productive and there must be a winners or losers, this prevents delaying.

Player/Admin Rules

Rules the Admin/Donators must follow
  • Mic spamming is not allowed.
  • Chat spamming is not allowed.
  • Map exploiting of any sort is not allowed, after 2 warning will result in a temp ban.
  • Cursing is allowed unless taken to a offensive/aggressive extent.
  • Advertising or recruiting a group, channel, site, clan, etc will not be allowed.
  • Ddos, Dox or Hacking threats are not allowed at all on the premises, even if said in a joking manner, regardless if it was towards someone, towards yourself or the server as this will result in a perm ban..
  • If a premade server side HLDJ vote is successful, a admin still has the right to tell you to turn it off and you must comply with their desires.
  • Skin injecting is allowed but not promoted, use at your own risk.
  • Do not ghost as a dead player.
  • Links are allowed in your name except the links that are involving illegal actions or activities(even if theres no TLD Top Level Domain). An Example is an url thats used to buy hacks on or a booter site
  • Delaying rounds is not tolerated.
  • Disrespecting admins is not tolerated one bit.
  • Favouritism is not allowed.
  • Any sort of under the counter credit handling/gambling done by a client IS NOT ALLOWED and will be punished and held accountable. There's !coinflip and !bet for a reason.
  • Scamming other players of GiClan supported/created resources will result in a permanent ban, if the scam performed is external from GiClan and the trade is not supported by GiClan, we cannot and will not be held accountable for that transaction(s) made.
  • Do not votegag/votekick/votemute for no reason, this will result in a kick
  • Admins have the final say
  • [There's 3 warnings for the rules above as long as the rule does not provide a instant perm ban]
  • ----- Specific Admin Rules -----
  • Apply the rules above to all players including admins.
  • Be sure to provide the 3 step warning or perm ban depending on the rule/situation.
  • Do not abuse your commands in any way that is used to cheat or take advantage of for fun or your pleasure.
  • Do not help others and provide noclip, godmode, etc to others for the fun of it.
  • Warn a player before you provide a punishment.
  • Kicking/Banning players for small insignificant reasons without warnings is not allowed.
  • If an admin is disobeying the player/admin rules, report this to the forums, don't take action apon yourself.
  • Every ban must have a legitimate reason on sourcebans. No bull shit
  • Do not perm gag, mute, or ban players on first warnings, that's a dick move.
  • All CT bans are in a layout of 10 mins, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, perm
  • Do not abuse CT ban and ban players on first warning

InGame Commands

Important commands to know while playing
  • !coinflip - to coinflip with someone to win their credits!
  • !rules - shows you server rules
  • !lr - Last request when enabled
  • !w - to become the warden
  • !uw - to remove yourself as warden
  • !day - to see what current day / event it is.
  • !hgrank - to see your rank for hungergames.
  • !vision - to remove/disable zombie vision.
  • !logs - see all the logs for that certain round.
  • !pass - pass warden to someone else
  • !aimhud - to disable/enable the hud that shows clients name + hp
  • !checkplayers - check whos a rebel for that round
  • !mapmusic - turns off annoying map music
  • !store - purchase skins, tracers, chat customization features, pets, hats, etc.
  • !credits - shows how many credits you have
  • !gift - to gift someone your credits
  • !donate - redirect to donate for credits, vip, or gold donator.
  • !admins - see all the active admins online
  • !marry - to marry someone you know
  • !couples - to see the active couples in the server
  • !settings - to enable/disable different features

Admim Commands

Commands for admins only
  • !ctban - to ct ban a player
  • !removectban - unctban a player
  • !isbanned - to check if someone is CT banned
  • !rageban - to CT ban someone that left the server
  • !ctban_offline - to CT ban a steamid even if they're offline
  • !removectban_offline - to remove a steamid CT ban if the client is offline
  • !rw - To remove the warden off a player
  • !wadmin - admin menu for cell toggling and warday zones configuration
  • !wswap - to swap a clients teams, never use !swap its bugged for jailbreak
  • !nozones - Shows all the maps without any premade zones
  • !nocells - Shows all the maps without any premade cells toggled
  • !deletehgrank - for admins to wipe clients hungergames scores saved.
  • !wardenban - to ban someone from being the warden
  • !removewardenban - to remove a warden ban from a player
  • !wardenlist - list all the players currently banned from being the warden